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Tenant FAQ

Why is there a pet fee and not just a pet deposit?

We charge monthly pet admin fees rather than a pet deposit for several reasons:We have seen some circumstances where pet damage far exceeds the amount of a pet deposit and even the security deposit.Some things that pets do to properties are not really "damage," and the...
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Can I get my payment restrictions lifted?

Yes, it's absolutely possible to get your payment restrictions removed after you've bounced payments! You will have to wait at least six months and have a perfect payment record during those months (meaning paying on time, in full, every month). At the completion of that ...
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Waiving Late Fees

Unfortunately, we are generally unable to waive late fees. Due to fair housing requirements, potential liability, and out of a general sense of fairness, we need to treat all of our tenants the same and not give some tenants preferential treatment. It wouldn't be right to cha...
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Why do you always want us to communicate in writing?

We always prefer that tenants communicate with us in writing for several reasons:It's just more efficient. We can usually respond to an email in a couple of minutes, but we find that phone calls are generally 15 minutes at least. We can get a lot more done and assist far mor...
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Can my visiting friends or relatives bring a pet?

If you have a friend or relative visiting you, and they have a pet, the following policy applies:Visiting pets are NOT allowed unless they are approved in advance by The Revolution Firm in writing.In order to be approved, you must comply with the following:Pay a $25.00 Initial P...
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Can I get my Credit Contingency Fee removed or reduced?

Tenants who meet our screening criteria and get approved, but who have less than excellent credit (below 650) have to pay a monthly "Credit Contingency Admin Fee." This accounts for the fact that our experience has shown that these tenants are more likely to cause our ...
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Can you waive the higher deposit amount for me?

Unfortunately, our policies are pretty firm on this. We use a formula to calculate the security deposit amount that all new tenants have to pay. That formula is based upon what's found in your background check when we're screening your application. It includes things like...
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