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Tenant FAQ

Can I cancel or reschedule a move-out inspection appointment?

Yes, but a couple of things need to be considered. First, you have to be completely moved out of the property no later than the last day of the lease. If the lease ends on the 31st, you can't do the move-out inspection on the 1st of the following month. It has to be completely done by the last day of your lease. We frequently have new tenants moving in the next day, so it can't go past the last day of your lease.

That said, if you will still be out by the deadline, you can reschedule an appointment you've made for the move-out inspection, as long as you give two business day's notice. This means that if your inspection is scheduled for a Monday, you would need to give the notice to reschedule the appointment no later than the close of business on the preceding Thursday.

If you reschedule or cancel later than this, or no-show your appointment, there is a $200.00 inspection cancellation administrative fee. This would be taken out of your deposit on move-out.