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Owner FAQs

The Importance of Landlord Insurance

Our management agreement, like those of reputable property management companies, mandates landlords to obtain specialized insurance tailored for rental properties. This insurance is crucial for shielding against liabilities that may arise during a tenant's occupancy. Standard...
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How Does the Security Deposit Waiver Program Protect Owners?

Like many management companies nowadays, Revolution offers new tenants an alternative to the traditional security deposit. There are several different versions of security deposit alternatives in the industry now, ranging from in-house programs funded by the property manager to i...
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What is the Property Damage Guarantee?

Clients on our Gold Package pricing plan receive a special guarantee that no other clients receive, and few other management companies offer. Under that guarantee, if a tenant moves out and causes damage to the property over and above “normal wear and tear,” then Revo...
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Find out if You're Eligible for Rent Protection

With the exception of clients who are signed up for our Bronze Package with no monthly management fee, all other clients are enrolled in our Owner Benefits Package, which provides two (2) months of rent protection in case your tenant has to be evicted or skips out on their lease....
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What is The Process for a Rent Advance?

Revolution is one of the few property management companies in the country offering our owner clients the option for a rent advance: the ability to get your full lease term’s worth of rent upfront in a big lump sum. This option is part of our Owner Benefits Package. Thi...
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Tenant FAQs

Can I install a satellite dish or cable?

Any installations must either be coordinated through our move-in utility concierge service that will contact you after lease signing, or must be approved by us in writing. This is to ensure that the property is not damages and that the installation does not violate any neighborho...
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Can I clean the carpet myself instead of using a professional?

We’re sorry, but no. Unless you are a professional carpet cleaner yourself and are using the professional equipment and chemicals and demonstrate evidence of this, it’s simply a non-starter. The quality of carpet cleaning that is done by a professional service is simp...
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Can I use marijuana/pot or other drugs in the home?

Honestly, we don’t much care what you do on your own time as long as you take good care of the property. That said, we must point out several items:Marijuana and many other drugs are still illegal in the states where we do business, and is definitely still illegal on a fede...
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Is it okay if I’m not in the home for long periods of time?

If you are going to be away from the home for more than fourteen (14 days), then you should let us know in advance so that we do not suspect that the property has been abandoned. Just email us at so we know to expect your absence. Also be sure that someon...
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Can I have guests/visitors stay with me?

We certainly recognize that everyone has family, friends, etc. who come to visit them on occasion, so we have no problem with you having guests staying with you for short amounts of time. However, if someone is going to be staying with you for more than 14 days during your lease ...
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