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Tenant FAQs

Can I swap out a different resident on my lease?

Sometimes one person on a lease needs to move out and replace themselves with another tenant; here's how that work.So you need to swap out a new tenant for someone who was on the original lease? No problem! We can (probably) handle that for you. Here's how that works:You ...
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How does Revolution's utility billing process work?

Revolution likes to keep all utilities in our name so that we can ensure that the utilities do not get disconnected, which can cause property damage. This also reduces work for both you and us during move-in and move-out so that the utilities don't need to be switched into di...
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I was billed twice for a utility bill by mistake; what should I do?

As you can imagine, when we're processing so many utility bills for all of our rental properties every month, occasionally a utility payment gets delayed in the mail, the utility company misapplies a payment to the wrong account, etc.. When that happens, we usually get a phon...
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I missed the deadline to give notice to vacate; what can I do?

Your lease likely requires you to give two (2) full calendar months' notice to vacate. In other words, if your lease ends on December 31st, you would have to give notice no later than October 31st. So what happens if you need to move out, but you missed your deadline? Revolut...
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How much notice is required to not renew my lease?

If you don't want to renew your lease agreement, you have to provide two (2) full calendar months' notice. That means if your lease expires at the end of December, you have to provide notice before November 1st, and your notice must be in writing. The best way to giv...
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Owner FAQs

What happens if my tenant doesn't pay the rent on time?

While Revolution takes care of everything for you when a tenant doesn't pay on time, we figured it might be helpful to provide you a timeline of everything we do to collect from a tenant who is late or simply doesn't pay what they owe. Keep in mind that everything be...
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How do I transfer a property you manage to an LLC or Corporation?

For liability reasons, many landlords choose to hold their rental properties in LLCs or corporations. Whether this makes sense for you is something to discuss with us, your accountant, and your favorite real estate attorney. Generally, we recommend that if a property is owned fre...
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Can you loan me money for a repair?

If you need assistance paying for a repair bill, Revolution can probably help.Generally, we require clients to pay any repair bills within 30 days, and we deduct the cost of the repair from the rent income first. However, if you have a large repair bill that isn't cover...
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What happens after an eviction is filed against my tenant?

The eviction process can be confusing, but we'll try to make it as clear as possible in this article.While the eviction process in the markets where Revolution does business is generally pretty straightforward and relatively quick compared to other more anti-landlord states, ...
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I opted out of the Owner Benefits Package; can I opt back in now?

By default, Revolution offers a fantastic Owner Benefits Package (OBP) to all of our owner-clients. We think this package is a no-brainer, but some clients choose to opt out when they first sign up with us. That doesn't mean you can't change your mind, though!W...
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