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Tenant FAQ

Can I use marijuana/pot or other drugs in the home?

Honestly, we don’t much care what you do on your own time as long as you take good care of the property. That said, we must point out several items:

  1. Marijuana and many other drugs are still illegal in the states where we do business, and is definitely still illegal on a federal level. Possession and use of these drugs could place you in legal jeopardy and is done at your own risk.
  2. No drug growth, manufacture, packaging, sales, or distribution may take place on any property we manage. If we find even a very small marijuana growth farm on your property, we will immediately refer you to law enforcement and begin eviction proceedings.
  3. You may NEVER smoke anything inside the home. Ever. Under any circumstances. This includes in the garage, on the patio, on the deck, etc. If you must smoke a joint and you’re willing to face the potential legal consequences, then take a walk outside away from the house.

In short, your business is your business, but when it starts to risk damage to the property, we have no choice but to put a stop to it. Don’t make us go down that road.