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Tenant FAQ

What is the Eviction Avoidance Program (EAP)?

Sometimes even the best of residents run into life circumstances that get them behind on their bills. Revolution is obligated to our landlord clients to do everything we can to collect the rent so that normally means filing an eviction when a resident falls behind. However, Revolution has put together a special program called the Eviction Avoidance Program (EAP) to try to help out residents who have fallen in hard times.

Under this program, we will not file an eviction against you (or we will withdraw the eviction if it has already been filed) in exchange for you entering into a payment plan to get your balance paid off over a period of time.

Here's how it works: we will take your current unpaid balance and spread it out over a period of months that you select based on what you can afford. A new lease agreement will be signed for that period of months with the new payment amount. Your rent amount will go up slightly (the longer the payment plan, the more it goes up), and there is a $25 per month EAP Admin Fee. There is a $100 fee to sign up for the program, and if an eviction has been filed, an additional $100 fee to withdraw the eviction. We will not enter you into the program and sign the new lease until after you have submitted the EAP sign-up form, paid your up-front fees, and paid your first month's new rent payment. Once that is done, your lease will be signed and you will have avoided an eviction! We think this is best for all parties involved. You don't want an eviction on your record, we don't want to deal with the hassles of processing the eviction, and the landlord just wants their money. So let's reach a deal to avoid eviction!

If you qualify for the EAP, then you will receive an email with the details of the offer being made to you.

NOTE: Not every tenant qualifies for the EAP. If a landlord client has given notice to not renew a lease, then we will not be able to accommodate an EAP plan, unfortunately.

EAP Rent Increase Amounts:

Length of New EAP LeaseRent Increase Amount
Keep current lease termNo rent increase
9 months1%
12 months3%
15 months5%
18 months7.5%
21 months10%
24 months12.5%