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Owner FAQ

What is the Property Damage Guarantee?

Clients on our Gold Package pricing plan receive a special guarantee that no other clients receive, and few other management companies offer. Under that guarantee, if a tenant moves out and causes damage to the property over and above “normal wear and tear,” then Revolution will cover the cost of repairing that damage by up to $5,000. This is in addition to the guarantee against pet damage.

There is a cap of the combined coverage between lost rent and property damage of $5,000, so if your tenant also had to be evicted or skipped out, then the total combined amount of your guarantee is capped at $5,000. Even with this cap, though, this is a guarantee that virtually no other property management company offers their clients! That is how confident we are in our processes for selecting your tenants and enforcing the lease.

If you feel that you are owed money from the Property Damage Guarantee and you haven’t received it after move-out of the tenant, please let us know! We try to process these automatically, but things can always slip through the cracks, especially since this guarantee only applies to clients on our premium pricing plan, so let us know if something is missing.

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