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Owner FAQ

How do I interpret my monthly owner statement?

Need help navigating your monthly owner statement?The first thing to understand is the timing of when you receive your owner statement versus your owner draw. You should know that often times the owner statement you may be looking at is for the month previous to the month yo...
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How can I get paper copies of documents mailed to me?

We try to do everything paperless, but if you really need a paper document, here's how to get it.Revolution prefers to handle everything electronically. This keeps our costs down, which helps us to keep your costs down, too. That said, if you really need a paper copy of...
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Where can I find my annual owner statement?

Revolution generates the annual owner statements at the beginning of each year, usually within a few days after the New Year's holiday. Your annual statement can be found on your Owner Portal under the "Documents" tab. The statements are at the top of the...
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How do I get my statements or documents after my account has been closed?

When Revolution's management is terminated, we always remind all clients to retrieve their documents, statements, ledgers, etc. from the Owner Portal before your account is completely closed, because at that point, your Owner Portal will no longer work. It is very important ...
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Can I get my owner statement in Excel format?

By default, Revolution provides owner statements in PDF format. This is because our property management accounting software generates the statements in this format automatically by default. Generating a statement in Excel format is a manual task that our staff must complete outs...
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