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Owner FAQ

Where can I find my annual owner statement?

Revolution generates the annual owner statements at the beginning of each year, usually within a few days after the New Year's holiday. Your annual statement can be found on your Owner Portal under the "Documents" tab. The statements are at the top of the Documents page.

Important: The statements are sorted in order of the FIRST date that the statement covers, so to find the annual statement, you will need to scroll down the list to find the statement that covers the beginning of the year thru the end of the year. It will be right next to the January statement for that year. We know this is a bit counterintuitive, but it's set by the software manufacturer that we cannot change.

Your annual 1099 tax form is sent separately from the annual statement and will usually come in the mail. We send them by the end of January each year, so you should receive them in early to mid-February.