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Owner FAQ

How do I interpret my monthly owner statement?

Need help navigating your monthly owner statement?

The first thing to understand is the timing of when you receive your owner statement versus your owner draw. 

You should know that often times the owner statement you may be looking at is for the month previous to the month you’re receiving a rent payment. For example, if you’ve just received February’s rent payment - you’re also receiving your January statement from us. This means, that your expenses for February are not on the January statement and if you’re trying to understand January’s expenses using February’s income - you may end up lost immediately! 

Since we provide additional value to you, by paying out income received every weekday instead of monthly, you may see draws after receiving a statement. These can prove to bring additional confusion if you are receiving partial payments for rent or other amounts owed by tenants. Please remember, you can always request a CURRENT month statement to estimate what the current month’s income/expenses look like. 

We’ve also found that having a color-coded statement as a key to interpreting additional statements can be useful. If you’d like to request a color-coded statement, please fill out this form and we’d be happy to provide one.