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Owner FAQ

How do I get my statements or documents after my account has been closed?

When Revolution's management is terminated, we always remind all clients to retrieve their documents, statements, ledgers, etc. from the Owner Portal before your account is completely closed, because at that point, your Owner Portal will no longer work. It is very important to retrieve all documents before then.

However, if you forgot to do this, or if you have subsequently lost your documents, it is still possible for Revolution to retrieve them for you, but it becomes a manual process that Revolution must complete. Because this is an additional service that takes staff time and resources long after Revolution is no longer managing your property, Revolution does charge additional fees for completing this work for you.

The cost is $20 per document. A document would be a single file, but could be many pages. For example, if you want an owner statement that covers the entire time we managed your property, that is only one document. However, if you want us to generate separate statements for each year, or each month, then each one of those statements would be considered an individual document. For this reason, we recommend consolidating statements into a single document if this will work for you. Obviously, other documents such as leases cannot be combined, as they are each individual documents.

If you want to request documents or statements, please submit this form.