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Owner FAQ

Can I get my owner statement in Excel format?

By default, Revolution provides owner statements in PDF format. This is because our property management accounting software generates the statements in this format automatically by default. Generating a statement in Excel format is a manual task that our staff must complete outside of their normal responsibilities, which creates additional workload, so we discourage this as much as possible.

However, if you really need an Excel format statement, we can generate that for you at a cost of $30 per statement. To make that request, please submit this form.

Please note that your statement can cover any period of time, even a partial month. Just select whatever dates you want it to cover. However, if you need individual Excel reports for multiple periods of time (for example, if you want a separate Excel file for each month), then you would need to request each one individually, and there is a separate charge for each. For this reason, we recommend including the entire time period you need to cover in a single report request.