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Tenant FAQ

Why do you always want us to communicate in writing?

We always prefer that tenants communicate with us in writing for several reasons:

  • It's just more efficient. We can usually respond to an email in a couple of minutes, but we find that phone calls are generally 15 minutes at least. We can get a lot more done and assist far more tenants by using email.
  • It's important to have a written record of everything that's been said in order to avoid disputes later on. For example, if there are two tenants on a lease, and one of them gives the notice to vacate, if the other tenant disputes that their roommate ever gave notice, we want to be able to show them the written communication to prove that notice was indeed given. By having everything in writing, it just keeps everybody honest.
  • Sometimes legal disputes come up, and having everything in writing protects both us and you.
  • By communicating in writing to a central email inbox, the message is received by anybody at our company who is working, not just one person who received your voicemail. This ensures your problem gets resolved as quickly as possible, while a phone call could easily go unanswered for days if you were calling a staff member who is on vacation, for example.

We always recommend communicating with us by email at The other way to communicate is to use the "Conversation" option inside your Resident Portal.