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Tenant FAQ

Can my visiting friends or relatives bring a pet?

If you have a friend or relative visiting you, and they have a pet, the following policy applies:

  • Visiting pets are NOT allowed unless they are approved in advance by The Revolution Firm in writing.
  • In order to be approved, you must comply with the following:
    • Pay a $25.00 Initial Pet Administrative Fee for the processing of my request; this is due no later than the due date of your next month's rent after the request is made
    • Pay upfront for a property inspection to be conducted after the visiting pet vacates; the cost of this is $110.00
    • Pay a refundable Visiting Pet Security Deposit of $1,000.00. After the pet leaves and the inspection is completed, any damage will be taken from the deposit, and the remaining amount refunded. If there is no damage, the full deposit will be returned to you. If there is damage above the amount of the deposit, you will have to pay for those repairs immediately.
    • The pet is limited to a 14-day visit. These are not consecutive days, but total days during the term of your lease.
  • In order to apply to allow a visiting pet, please fill out this form