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Tenant FAQ

Why is there a pet fee and not just a pet deposit?

We charge monthly pet admin fees rather than a pet deposit for several reasons:

  • We have seen some circumstances where pet damage far exceeds the amount of a pet deposit and even the security deposit.
  • Some things that pets do to properties are not really "damage," and therefore couldn't be taken from a deposit; for example, pet dander gets into carpet, HVAC ductwork, etc. The landlord should be compensated for this in the event that the owner wants to have work done on the property to remove this remaining impact of your pets.
  • Pets create increased risks. For example, a pet that bites a neighbor is likely to result in a lawsuit against not only you but also the property owner. While your renter's insurance should cover this, the landlord will likely have paperwork and possibly even court appearances to deal with. The landlord should be compensated for this risk.
  • Pets frequently create more work for our staff and increased hassles for the landlord. For example, a barking dog might anger the neighbors, who file a complaint with the HOA, who contacts us and the landlord, leaving us to issue warning letters to you, etc.

Now, you're probably saying "my pet would never cause any of those problems." And that's probably true. We're a pet-loving company, and we find that most pets are well-behaved and a joy to be around. However, that small percentage of pets that are not requires us to have these policies.