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Tenant FAQ

Can I get my payment restrictions lifted?

Yes, it's absolutely possible to get your payment restrictions removed after you've bounced payments! You will have to wait at least six months and have a perfect payment record during those months (meaning paying on time, in full, every month). At the completion of that time with a perfect payment record, you can submit an application at this link to have your restrictions lifted. A member of our staff will review your payment history since your restrictions, and if they find that you qualify, your restrictions will be lifted. There is a $25 Payment Restrictions Application Admin Fee that you will have to pay so that our staff can process your application, and that will be due with your next rent payment following the processing of your application. Please note that this fee will be owed even if your application is not approved, so make sure to review your payment history to make sure that you haven't paid late in the prior six months before submitting your application.