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Owner FAQ

Why do I have to provide a social security number or tax ID?

Unfortunately, the government wants their money. :) The way that the IRS tracks whether you're reporting your rent income is by comparing your tax return to the 1099 that we send them. So they require us to submit a 1099 for every owner we represent. We have to send these ou...
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Why do some new tenants submit so many repair requests?

A new tenant has just moved in, and suddenly the repair requests start rolling in. You just moved out of the office and you didn't have any problems. Or maybe you had another tenant in the house for several years who didn't report anything wrong. So what's the problem...
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Why did a vendor charge me for two trips on the same repair?

Sometimes a vendor has to make multiple trips to your property to complete a repair. For example, if a vendor gets a work order for an oven not working, he first has to go to the property to figure out what's wrong with the oven. After he finds out the problem, he usually has...
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Can we provide only one social security number for multiple owners?

That depends upon how you want us to make payments. Basically, we have to report income to the IRS for every person we send money to, whether it's an owner client, or a vendor (unless they're a C-Corporation). So let's say your house is owned by yourself and your fri...
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Do your vendors warranty their work?

There are two kinds of warranties on repairs: parts/materials & labor. Warranties on parts and materials vary based upon the kinds of materials, the manufacturer, the cost, etc. Therefore, the warranties on parts and materials will depend largely upon what kind of work is be...
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Why is there a commission charged on repairs?

Scheduling, coordinating, and following up on repairs is a large part of the work we do to manage our clients' properties. So some clients sometimes feel that this work should be included in the monthly management fee and not charged as an additional repair commission. There&...
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When do you get estimates for repairs?

Generally, we get estimates for repairs in the following circumstances:Cosmetic repairs, such as exterior painting, landscaping, etc.Repairs that are recommended but are not required by law or the lease, such as a deck that is deteriorating but is still safeLarge repair jobs tha...
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