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Owner FAQ

How can I be sure the HVAC filters are being changed on my house?

Beginning in mid-July 2018, we implemented a new partnership with a company called FilterEasy to automatically deliver replacement HVAC filters to the home. This makes it far more convenient for the tenant to change the filter, which makes it a lot more likely that they're going to do it. FilterEasy reports a 90% success rate in getting tenants to replace filters thanks to their automatic home delivery. The charge for this program is paid by the tenant, not by the owner, so it's no cost to you.

However, we also have a backstop to make sure the filters are being changed. When we do our yearly third-party inspections, the inspector checks the filters. Every FilterEasy filter has an expiration date stamped on the side. If that expiration date has passed, then the inspector knows that the filter is more than 90 days old, and he replaces the filter and we charge the tenant.

Replacing HVAC filters is a very important task. It is estimated that regularly changing the filter will increase the lifespan of the HVAC system by about 3 years and reduce your HVAC repair bills by about 15%.