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Owner FAQ

When do you get estimates for repairs?

Generally, we get estimates for repairs in the following circumstances:

  • Cosmetic repairs, such as exterior painting, landscaping, etc.
  • Repairs that are recommended but are not required by law or the lease, such as a deck that is deteriorating but is still safe
  • Large repair jobs that will take more than a month's rent to pay for, such as HVAC system replacement
  • Repairs that have more than one option; for example, a vendor may provide an option to do a short-term fix that would resolve the problem for a year at a lower cost, but he might also provide an option for a permanent fix that would be much more expensive

In these circumstances, we will usually have a vendor prepare an estimate for your approval. Our staff will send that estimate to you, and you can make a decision and let us know what you want to do. If we send you an estimate for a required repair (a furnace issue in the winter, for example), and we don't hear back from you after 72 hours, then we will have to make a decision. In that case, we will usually decide to do the least expensive repair, unless there are extenuating circumstances that make us feel that another option is in your best financial interest.