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Long Term Contracts

Something that clearly sets us apart from our competition is our strong stance against any long-term contracts for our clients. We frequently get calls from property owners who are desperate to escape their current management company for a variety of reasons, but there's noth...
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Smoking or Non-Smoking?

This is another question we get asked frequently, but unlike most questions, this one has an easy answer. “Should we allow tenants to smoke in our rental house?” In this case, the answer is an easy “NO!”Some people worry that prohibiting smoking will exclu...
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Landlord Insurance

Our management agreement, and the management agreement of just about any reputable property management company, require the property owner to get an insurance policy for their rental property that is specially designed for rental properties and to name our company as an additiona...
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Will you match pricing?

This is a question we frequently get from potential clients: “such-and-such competitor tells me that they'll charge 1% less than you; will you match their rate?”Well, the short answer is yes. But the long answer is that you probably don't want us to. Allow me ...
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