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How can I apply to be a vendor for your company?

requirements and make sure that you would be a good fit with us before applying, though:

  • While we generally pay vendors every Friday, we have a policy of Net 30 days from invoice date; if you can't wait 30 days for payment, then please do not apply
  • We require all vendors to have General Liability insurance of at least $500,000 and Workers' Comp insurance to cover all of their employees and sub-contractors; you will be required to submit copies of your insurance certificates to prove coverage
  • We require all vendors to use the Property Meld software system to schedule appointments with vendors and keep us updated on the status of work; this is generally done just by email and text message, but you have to keep up with it; you can't let emails or text messages sit on your phone for days at a time and not reply to them
  • We require prompt billing; if you don't submit an invoice within 30 days of completing the work, then we will have to reject the invoice

If you can work within these guidelines, then we're a good fit! Please fill out this form to submit your documents and apply to be a vendor with our company. After we review everything, we'll let you know of your approval status. We look forward to working with you!