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Tenant FAQ

Can you tell me why you aren't renewing my lease?

In general, Revolution Rental Management's policy is that we will not provide a reason for why a lease is not being renewed. We have found over the years that it isn't productive to get into this discussion, because it just leads to arguments. In many cases, the decision isn't even ours. The most common reason for non-renewal is that the property owner has told us not to renew, and sometimes they don't even tell us why. When they do tell us, frequently the reason is that the owner is moving back into the house due to financial difficulties, or a job transfer back to town, etc. Owners can consider this sort of information to be private and confidential, so they don't want it discussed.

There are some limited circumstances where we may tell you why the lease is not being renewed, but those are generally limited to cases where an action on your part could change the decision. For example:

  • If you have not cooperated with your pre-renewal property inspection, we may consider allowing you to stay if you promptly comply
  • If you didn't sign your lease renewal in time, we may consider allowing you to stay if you immediately sign after getting the notice to vacate
  • If you have failed to make payment on a specific charge, such as a repair bill, we may be willing to allow you to stay if you immediately pay the charge
  • If you are violating a lease rule, a city/county code, or an HOA rule, we may consider allowing you to stay if you immediately come into compliance

In these cases, the non-renewal letter that you receive would specifically include the reason for the non-renewal, and give you an opportunity to cure the issue so that we might withdraw the notice to vacate.

However, if your notice of lease termination/non-renewal does not include a reason, then that means that we will not be able to provide you with one, so please do not ask. We will not get into an argument about it, and we cannot deviate from this policy of not disclosing confidential information about why the renewal is not taking place. Please try to understand.