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Tenant FAQ

Can I cancel my notice to vacate?

If you've already given the notice to vacate, then you may be able to cancel that and remain in the property, depending upon the circumstances. Ultimately, the decision has to be made by Revolution Rental Management based upon whether anyone else has applied for the property already, whether you would have been eligible for renewal anyway, etc.

If your request is approved, however, there is an administrative fee that you must pay. This amount would be due up front before Revolution could approve your request. The following fees apply:

  • $100 if you submit the request more than a full calendar month prior to your lease expiring
  • $250 if you submit the request in the last month of your lease, but more than 15 days prior to expiration
  • $750 if you submit the request in the last 15 days of the lease
  • NOTE: there is no fee charged if your notice to vacate was issued well ahead of the due date, and you withdraw that notice more than two full calendar months prior to your lease expiring

This amount is due up front, and Revolution cannot approve your request before it is paid. This is in addition to any rent increase, month-to-month rent and fees, and other fees that you may owe for the renewal or extension. Once you've requested the cancel your notice and we have approved it, there is no turning back. At that point, you're locked in for at least another two full calendar months and you would have to give proper notice again if you change your mind, so it's very important to not withdraw your notice unless you're certain.

If you would like to request to cancel your notice to vacate, please fill out this form: Request Cancellation of Notice to Vacate