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How can I apply to be a vendor for your company?

requirements and make sure that you would be a good fit with us before applying, though:While we generally pay vendors every Friday, we have a policy of Net 30 days from invoice date; if you can't wait 30 days for payment, then please do not applyWe require all vendors to hav...
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How can we be removed from your vendor list?

Maybe you're just too busy, maybe you're taking a break for a while, or maybe we weren't a good fit for you. Whatever the reason, sometimes a vendor decides that they need to stop getting work orders from us. If this is you, fill out this simple form and our staff wil...
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Repair Issues with Your Atlanta Area Rental Property

Video Transcript:Hi, Todd Ortscheid here with GTL Real Estate, wanting to spend just a bit of time this week on a frequent topic we talk about, which is repairs on your rental properties. It’s a big topic all the time just because it comes up so much in what we do on a day ...
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Selecting Vendors for your Metro Atlanta Rental Property

Video Transcript:Hi. Todd Ortscheid here with GTL Real Estate. This week, I wanted to talk about selecting repair vendors for your property. One thing we do not do that a lot of property management companies require of their clients is that we do not require you to use our vendo...
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