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What is Revolution's NARPM Participation Bonus Program?

Revolution is a major supporter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). NARPM is our industry trade organization, and being involved has definitely helped us to grow and improve the business. With that in mind, Revolution has instituted a program for all of our US-based employees to encourage NARPM involvement. Here it is:

  • NARPM Volunteering
    • Anyone who joins a NARPM committee and actively participates will receive a $100 stipend per month added to your paycheck.
    • Anyone who becomes chair of a committee will receive a $150 monthly stipend.
    • Anyone who becomes a NARPM Board member (either local chapter or national) will receive a $250 monthly stipend.
  • NARPM Designations
    • Anyone who earns a NARPM designation will receive a $1,000 bonus.
  • NARPM Event Attendance
    • Revolution will pay for your attendance at any local chapter events, as well as attendance for any conferences that take place in your home city. The company will also occasionally offer attendance at national conferences outside of your home city, budget permitting.

To receive credit for your NARPM volunteer work or designations, please submit this form.