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What do we do if we find squatters in a property?

If you find squatters in a property, here is the process that must be followed:

  1. Submit this form, which will generate the Squatters in Property process in LeadSimple. The following steps are all completed on the process.
  2. A notice to vacate will be sent to the squatters by certified mail. This is required in order to show the court that we tried to get the squatters to leave.
  3. The leasing agent will check a week later to see if the squatters are still there.
  4. If still there, an eviction will be filed.
  5. The leasing agent will get tasks every 7-14 days in LeadSimple to go back by the property and see if the squatters are still there while the eviction is processed.
  6. The squatters will either vacate voluntarily, or they will be removed through the eviction process.
  7. The property owner will get automated updates throughout the process.