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How do I send out a new management agreement (PMA) for signature?

Sending out a new management agreement for signature can be done using the form at this link.

Here are the steps that will need to be completed first:

  • Make sure a new owner prospect is created in Propertyware (if it's not already there)
  • Make sure a deal is already in HubSpot for the owner, or create one if not
  • Make sure you have the address(es) and the minimum monthly rents for each property that will be on the management agreement
    • If it is a multifamily property with multiple units at one address, you can enter it as "123 Main Street Units 1-12" for example.

After making sure that the above is all ready, you can submit the form, which will automatically create a management agreement and send it out for signature using our e-signature platform.

The video below goes over how to do the above in detail: