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Tenant FAQ

What happens if my lease goes month-to-month?

This article applies to tenants who are on our standard lease agreement form. If your lease was written by a different landlord or property management company before we started managing the property, then your lease may be different on the following items, and you should review your lease for details on what is allowed and required for month-to-month lease extensions. We will always abide by what is in the written lease agreement and state law.

For the vast majority of our tenants, you'll be on our standard lease form. Basically, if you signed a lease with us and not with someone else, you're on our standard form.

So, how does it work if you do not sign a lease renewal and your lease extends on a month-to-month basis? The following applies:

  • Your rent will automatically increase by 15%; all other fees and other provisions of your lease remain the same; please note that it is your responsibility to set up any autopayments at the higher rent amount, and it won't happen automatically
  • In addition to the higher rent, you will also pay a $25.00/mo Month-to-Month Lease Administrative Fee
  • For Georgia leases, we require a two (2) full calendar months' notice when you are ready to terminate your lease while on a month-to-month status
  • We can decide at any time to no longer offer the lease on a month-to-month basis and require you to sign a new lease if you want to stay; if you don't want to sign a renewal at that point, then you will be entitled to the above minimum notice period to vacate

Generally, we will only allow month-to-month leases for six (6) months. If it goes beyond that, we will require you to either vacate or sign a new lease. We are constantly updating our lease forms, and we like all tenants to be on the latest form, so we prefer not to have tenants on a month-to-month extension, even at a higher rate. We will generally allow it for short periods of time, though.