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Tenant FAQ

What do I do if there is an emergency?

If there is an actual life and death emergency at your home, you need to immediately contact 911. Aside from that, if you are dealing with an urgent maintenance situation after hours, you can either submit a service request using the online Service Request form on our web site, or you can call us at (678) 648-1244 and select the option for emergency maintenance. But keep in mind that a phone call will not be any quicker than an online service request, as the same call center employees are handling both submission methods. Generally, you are always better off using the online form.
Please keep in mind that very few items qualify as emergency repairs. Generally it would only be items that render the home completely uninhabitable (a tree fell through the house, a large fire broke out in the house, the house flooded, etc.) or items that make the home unsafe (no heat when it’s freezing temperatures, no air conditioning when it is over 90 degrees, etc.). The hot water going out at 2am is not an emergency. It can wait until tomorrow. Please keep these guidelines in mind before calling in an emergency.