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Tenant FAQ

What can I do if I think one of your tenants or clients stole my identity?

The Revolution Firm takes allegations of identity theft very seriously. With that said, we are forced to take allegations with a grain of salt and err on the side of caution prior to accusing anyone of engaging in such a serious crime. Therefore, we have a due diligence process that we must go through whenever an allegation is made.

Here is how the process works:

  • You must first file a police report about the suspected identity theft.
  • After you have filed the police report, submit this form to us along with a copy of the police report.
  • Revolution will review the police report, and assuming everything appears in order, we will approach the tenant or client for their side of the story.
  • If the person responds and provides a story of their own, we will have to take it from there to see what the appropriate next steps are, keeping our attorneys involved at all times, and possibly law enforcement. We will keep you updated along the way.
  • If the person does not respond, then we will assume that the allegation has merit, and we will notify the local law enforcement officials. How they proceed at that point may vary by the individual police department. We will also involve our attorneys to begin eviction proceedings. Again, we will keep you updated along the way.

Identity theft is a serious problem today, and Revolution treats it with the appropriate level of seriousness. But serious allegations require due diligence, so please be patient as well follow our standard process.