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Tenant FAQ

I'm a tenant, and I couldn't meet with the CEO or Broker; why not?

If you walked into the office and asked to speak with the CEO or Broker, chances are that the Office Manager or one of our other staff members informed you that you could not meet with them without an appointment. There are several reasons for this:

  • The Broker is rarely in the office and is usually out meeting with landlords and sellers. When he is in the office on rare occasions, he's usually in a scheduled appointment and not available to meet walk-ins. 
  • The CEO has a very packed schedule and isn't able to take last-minute appointments. He is usually happy to meet with you if you schedule an appointment in advance, however. You can do this by using the following link: Schedule an Appointment with the CEO
  • Revolution Rental Management is a multi-state company, and both the Broker and CEO are frequently out of the state at another office, sometimes for up to two weeks at a time. Scheduling appointments ahead of time is necessary to make sure that they're in the office where you're located when you'd like to meet with them.

Of course, you can always meet with our other support staff, and they're happy to help you with 99% of the questions and concerns you may have. Typically the Broker or CEO will need to refer your questions to the other staff members, anyway, as they're the people doing the front-line work, day in and day out. But if it is a special circumstance that requires you to meet with the Broker or CEO directly, please be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time.