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Tenant FAQ

I lost my keys or locked myself out!

It happens to all of us eventually. You either locked your keys in the house or car, or you just lost them somehow, and you need some help getting back in the house or just need another set of keys. When this happens, here are your options:

  • You can call a locksmith and have them change the locks, but you'll need to have an extra set of keys made for us and contact us at  to let us know that the locks were changed so that you can set up an appointment to drop off a spare set with us at the office; or
  • If it's an emergency, you can call our emergency maintenance hotline at (678) 648-1244 and select the option for maintenance; please note that if you do this, you will be responsible for the vendor's fee to come out, and if it's after hours, that fee could be rather high
  • If it's not an emergency, you can fill out this form to request that we provide you with a spare key, and we can get that to you in a couple of business days; please note that there is a fee of $150 for this service