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Tenant FAQ

How much notice is required to not renew my lease?

If you don't want to renew your lease agreement, you have to provide two (2) full calendar months' notice. That means if your lease expires at the end of December, you have to provide notice before November 1st, and your notice must be in writing. The best way to give notice is to log in to your Resident Portal and use the give notice option there.

NEW: Revolution Rental Management now offers the option for late notice to vacate! This creates a lot of extra work for us, though, so there are additional fees for this if you want to do it. The following Late Notice Admin Fees apply:

  • Notice 31-60 days prior to expiration: $250
  • Notice 21-30 days prior to expiration: $500
  • Notice within the final 20 days: $750.00 plus one (1) month's rent to the landlord for liquidated damages

To request late notice to vacate, you have to use this form to submit your request.