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Tenant FAQ

How Does the Move-Out Process Work for Residents?

We’re sorry to see you go, but we hope you’ve enjoyed your rental property! When it’s time to move out and move on, we know things can be confusing about the process for the end of your lease, so we wanted to prepare this article that would explain everything.

First, keep in mind that if you aren’t going to renew your lease, you need to give at least two (2) full calendar months’ notice. You can submit that notice right on your Resident Portal. After you submit that notice, that’s what sets everything in motion for the move-out.

About 30 days before you move out, we will send you a letter by email and mail that reminds you of all of the details about how the move-out inspection will work. Be sure to go through that letter and check off every item to make sure you have the maximum opportunity for getting your security deposit back (if applicable).

Our Leasing Agent will contact you about two (2) weeks before the end of your lease to schedule the move-out inspection with you. Keep in mind that you have to move out of the property no later than the last day of your lease, so you can’t still be moving out on the 1st if your lease ended on the 31st. If you need to reschedule your move-out time for any reason, be sure to notify the Leasing Agent at least two (2) full business days in advance to avoid any additional fees.

You must keep all utilities connected thru the move-out inspection. For most of you, this is easy, as your utilities are probably managed by us, but if you are on an older lease and the utilities are in your own name, make sure they don’t get disconnected until AFTER the inspection is completed when you move out.

You must have the lawn owed, edged, and trimmed, along with the bushes neatly trimmed and the beds free of weeds, prior to the inspection. The house must also be thoroughly cleaned, and the carpets are required to be professionally cleaned. You are required to provide a receipt or invoice proving that the carpets were professionally cleaned. Renting a carpet cleaner at Home Depot doesn’t count. It has to be a professional carpet cleaning service, otherwise, you will get charged for carpet cleaning on move-out. Also, be sure that any repairs are completed and all items removed from the property prior to the inspection. You will not be able to go back into the house to finish anything after the inspection is completed.

After the inspection, we will prepare your final move-out statement that shows any items you are being charged for. When that is sent to you, you will be able to dispute any charges using a form that we provide. That form is the only method of dispute that we accept, so please do not try to call or email us about disputes. The form has to be submitted if you disagree with any items. You must also include evidence to support your dispute, such as time and date-stamped photos. If you do not have evidence, then we will not be able to approve your dispute.

Assuming there is no damage to the property, everything is clean, and you didn’t move out still owing any rent or other charges, then if you had a security deposit, it will be returned within thirty (30) days. You will get an email with a form to submit how you want to receive your deposit back, either by direct deposit or mailed check. Direct deposit is the quickest method, so that’s what we recommend! You can also pay an extra fee if you’d like to expedite the return of the deposit if you can’t wait for 30 days.

You will turn in all keys, garage door openers, and access cards at the time of the inspection, so be sure to have those ready at the inspection appointment. Locks will be changed after you move out, but we still need to collect any access devices or keys that you have.

ou owe any money that is not covered by the security deposit, you will have thirty (30) days to pay what is owed or setup a payment plan. If you haven’t done that by the deadline, then we will turn your account over to a collection agency, so it is very important to make payment or agree to a payment plan before then if you want to avoid damage to your credit and rental history.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We want to make the move-out process as easy and painless as possible, but we do need to stick to the above rules, so be sure to review them thoroughly.