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Tenant FAQ

How does the move-in process work?

Generally, we provide a completely self-service move-in experience that makes everything as convenient as possible for you! After your lease is signed, your move-in inspection form is signed, and you have paid all move-in funds, you will receive a code to the lockbox that is on the property that will work on your lease start date. If you need a code for a later date because you won’t be able to move in on the start date of your lease, just let us know by emailing us at and we can provide a code that will work on the date you need. However, please do not request a code for a day before your lease starts, as we cannot give you access to the property before the beginning of your lease.

By request, we can also have an agent meet you at the property when you are ready to move-in if you want to have someone’s assistance. There is an additional charge of $150 for this, though, so we recommend only requesting this if you have some truly special circumstances that make our presence necessary. For the vast majority of residents, a self-move-in is the best way to go.