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Tenant FAQ

How does Revolution's utility billing process work?

Revolution likes to keep all utilities in our name so that we can ensure that the utilities do not get disconnected, which can cause property damage. This also reduces work for both you and us during move-in and move-out so that the utilities don't need to be switched into different names.

The way we handle it is that all utility bills for your property come to Revolution. We process the payment on those bills and then send you an invoice through Stripe, which is an online payment platform so that you can reimburse Revolution for the payment we made to the utility companies. Payment is due ASAP, and if it isn't received by the 5th of the following month, Utility Collection Admin Fees and Late Fees will be assessed, so it is important to get these bills paid as soon as you get them.

In addition to the utility costs themselves, Revolution also charges a monthly Utility Management Admin Fee of $11.95. You will receive an invoice for this through Stripe, just like you do for utility bills.

Please keep in mind that failure to pay Revolution for your utility bills can result in damage to your credit and rental history, so even after move-out, when you get your final bill, you still need to make sure that you make payment to us.