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Tenant FAQ

How do I dispute charges on my move-out statement?

On move-out, you will be charged for any damage to the property that was not "normal wear and tear;" any unpaid rent, fees, or other amounts from the term of your lease that you did not pay prior to move-out; and a Security Deposit Coordination Admin Fee if we have to withhold any money from your deposit to cover damage or unpaid charges.

There is a dispute process if you think any of the charges on your move-out statement are incorrect. However, please note that we will not be able to accept any dispute that you submit if you do not include actual evidence to support it. For example, saying "the house was better than it was when I got it" will not be accepted unless you have actual time-and-date-stamped photos that prove your claim. We will use our move-in inspection document that was completed prior to your move-in to determine responsibility for damage unless you have other evidence to submit that is more compelling. Please also note that simply claiming that a charge "is not fair" will not be considered if that charge is specifically listed in your lease or standard company policies and procedures. We strongly believe that the only thing that is fair is going by the lease for every tenant and not giving anyone special treatment. Fairness is one of our company's Core Values, and we cannot make exceptions to the lease.

With all of that in mind, if you have anything that you think needs to be disputed, please click here to submit the dispute along with your evidence to support it.