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Tenant FAQ

Filing A Renter's Insurance Claim

If you are covered under the master insurance policy that Revolution Rental Management has for all tenants whose lease was signed with an effective date after July 1, 2019, then your insurance carrier is Millennial Specialty Insurance. Your insurance covers $100,000 in liability and $10,000 in personal contents (basically your belongings inside the house such as furniture and clothes), and there is a $500 deductible. In order to file a claim under that policy, you must contact Millennial at (844) 788-0873. They should be able to access your account information using your name and address, but you can tell them that you are on the master insurance policy with Revolution Rental Management.

If you NOT covered under Revolution Rental Management's master insurance policy and have your own renter's insurance, then you will need to review your own policy documents to determine how to file a claim.