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Tenant FAQ

Clogged Drains, Pipes, & Septic Systems

Generally, if a drain, pipe, or septic system gets clogged in your rental property, it is your responsibility to clear the clog. If you'd like, you can submit a service request and we can send our vendor to clear it, but you will be responsible for the vendor's bill. 

There are some limited exceptions to this policy:

  • If there is some sort of inherent fault with the property's plumbing, and the clog is caused by that, then you would not be responsible. This will obviously have to be determined by our technician, and their expert opinion will be the final word on determining if this applies to your specific circumstances. They are third-party vendors and therefore impartial, so their opinion can be trusted by both parties. 
  • If you are a brand new tenant and the clog was caused by something the previous tenant flushed down the drain. Again, this would be at the judgment of the technician we send.
  • If the clog is caused by a defect in the septic system or a full septic tank that needs to be pumped, you would not be responsible.

If you have been charged for a clogged drain and you believe one of the above criteria applies to the situation, please fill out the dispute form and we will review it as soon as possible. Please note that filling out the form does not extend the deadline to pay a bill, so if you have a pending bill that is almost due for a clog, go ahead and pay that bill while waiting on the decision for your dispute.