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Tenant FAQ

Can you issue me a new security deposit refund check?

When a security deposit refund is issued, we send it to either the forwarding address provided by the resident, or to the address of the property that the resident was renting from us, which is the last known address. Sometimes a resident forgets to give us a forwarding address when they move out, or they just accidentally lose a security deposit check, or perhaps even the deposit gets lost in the mail. Whatever the case, if you need us to issue a new check, we can certainly do that. Please note that there is a $25.00 Cancelled Check Admin Fee to process this request, however, as our bank does charge us a fee to place a stop payment on the original check. If you can find the check or get it forwarded to you from where it was sent, that is the better option than having us issue a new one. But if you absolutely need us to place a stop payment on the check that was issued and issue a new one, please fill out this form: Request to Issue New Check Form