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Tenant FAQ

Can I pick up my security deposit refund check instead of it being mailed?

We always prefer to mail out (or FedEx, if you're expediting it) security deposit checks. Our staff is frequently busy in the office or out in the field handling inspections and showings, so someone coming to the office for something that can be easily handled by mail reduces their efficiency and makes it more difficult for them to have time to deal with pressing issues for tenants and landlords. Mailing the deposit also allows us to have a firm record on file of when the deposit was sent out.

That said, we do offer the option of allowing you to pick up your deposit at the corporate office in Senoia, GA for an additional fee of $75.00, which would be deducted from your security deposit refund amount. Our staff would call you when the deposit is ready so that you could come in and get it. To request this service, ask the move-out inspection agent to note it on your move-out form before you sign it, or you can fill out a form here.

Please note that we cannot allow pick-up from other branch offices, as all checks are printed at the corporate office in Senoia, GA.