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Tenant FAQ

Can I have guests/visitors stay with me?

We certainly recognize that everyone has family, friends, etc. who come to visit them on occasion, so we have no problem with you having guests staying with you for short amounts of time. However, if someone is going to be staying with you for more than 14 days during your lease term, then they are no longer considered a guest and will need to fill out an application and be approved as a tenant on the lease. Failure to do this will be considered a lease violation and can result in eviction, so please take this seriously. If someone needs to stay with you for an extended period of time, bring it to our attention so we can get them properly added to the lease.

Please also keep in mind that pets of visitors may not occupy the property unless you get approval in advance in writing from us. An unapproved pet can result in significant charges, so please be mindful of this. Also keep in mind that your home is not considered a “public accommodation,” so service animals, emotional support animals, assistance animals, etc. of guests and visitors do not have protection from this prohibition. Only tenants who are named on the lease and who have gone through our process to get the assistance animal approved are authorize to have assistance animals on the property.