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Tenant FAQ

How to Add a Pet to a Lease

Normally a tenant will get a pet approved as part of the application process when first moving into a rental home. However, sometimes a tenant wants to get a pet approved after they've already moved into a home, so we wanted to make sure that there was a clear process to be followed.

First, please note that the approval of a pet is NOT guaranteed. Each pet is considered on a case-by-case basis. Factors that we consider are the breed and size of the pet, what the HOA/COA allows, what the homeowner's insurance allows, etc.

Now, with that in mind, the first step in the process is to fill out a full pet application here.

After the pet application is received by our office, we will review it and consider your request based on all of the relevant factors, and we will let you know as soon as possible whether the pet is conditionally approved. Usually, this can be completed in two business days, but sometimes it can take longer in unusual situations. 

After the pet is conditionally approved, you still need to complete the Request to Add Pet to Lease Form.

If approved, you will need to pay a $250 Pet Move-In Administrative Fee for the first pet and $100 for any additional pet, and then you will start paying monthly Pet Administrative Fees. The amount of the monthly fee depends upon the score your pet gets from the pet screening provider, which takes into account factors such as breed, age, weight, etc. Make sure to update your automatic payments to include the new higher amount including pet admin fees so that you don't incur late fees.

If you have any questions, please email