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Owner FAQ

Will you pay me for referring someone to manage their property?

Unfortunately, Georgia law does not allow us to pay anybody except other real estate brokers for referrals. However, there is good news! While we can't give you any money, we can give you free management services. We have a referral program for our current owners that allows you to get free management of your rental property if you refer someone to us who signs on to have us manage their property. Here's how it works:

  • You refer us to someone you know who needs a property manager for their rental property. We even have an easy form you can use for this here: Owner Referral Form
  • We'll contact the referral and if they're interested in our services, we'll send them a management agreement for signature.
  • After they sign up with us, we'll give you a credit for two free months of management fees on your property. If we manage more than one property for you, we'll give you the credit on the most expensive property so that you get the maximum benefit.
  • When we rent the referred person's property out, they'll get their first full month of property management free also!

It's a win-win-win deal!