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Owner FAQ

Why Do I Only Get an Invoice from Revolution Rental Management and Not From the Vendor?

On your Owner Portal, you can view a copy of our invoice for any bill by clicking on the "Bills" tab and then selecting the drop-down box next to the bill and selecting "View Detail." From there you can view or print a PDF copy of the bill, or just view the details from within the portal if you'd like.

We do not post a copy of the vendor's original invoice, as we have received complaints from vendors in the past that owners have used the information on the invoice to contact them directly, and even repeatedly harassed them, trying to get them to reduce the price, provide part-by-part pricing, etc. 

We have long-standing relationships with our approved vendors that are to the benefit of all of our clients, as we are able to get deep volume discounts and be treated as their top priority when we send them work orders. These discounts are passed on to you, our clients. When a small handful of owners harass them, it puts these vendor relationships in jeopardy, harming all of our other owner-clients. Therefore, we've made it our policy that the original vendor invoices not be provided. 

If you ever have a concern about pricing on an invoice, we always encourage our clients to call around to other vendors who are licensed and fully insured with workers' comp and general liability insurance, just like our vendors, and ask them for a quote on what they would charge for the same work. We are confident that you won't find a better price. And if you somehow do, please let us know, as we'd love to work with that vendor!