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Owner FAQ

Who should you contact with questions or issues with your rental property?

There are really two different stages with your property after Revolution Rental Management starts managing it for you, and different places to contact in both cases:

  • Before a tenant is placed - Before we place a tenant in your property, your primary point of contact is your leasing agent who is working on finding you a tenant. That agent has the best information for you about how the property is showing, whether anyone has been approved to rent if a deposit has been put down, etc. Of course, if you have any difficulty reaching your leasing agent, call the office number and another member of our staff can always help you. We don't operate on a "single point of contact" model, so our entire company is always available to help you.
  • After a tenant moves in - At this point, the leasing agent's work is done, and the ongoing management of the property is handed over to our office staff. You should always contact our office instead of the leasing agent when a tenant is in place. The preferred method to reach our staff is by the group email address By emailing that address, the entire staff gets your email so that we can get you an answer ASAP instead of you having to wait for a specific person to be available. The other method is to call us at (678) 648-1244, however, we always recommend emailing first.