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Owner FAQ

What is the Pet Damage Guarantee?

Revolution Rental Management
is one of the few property management companies that provide an actual guarantee against pet damage! So, how does this guarantee work? Here are the details:

  • The Revolution Firm thoroughly screens every pet that tenants want to get approved. We use a third-party pet screening provider who specializes in screening pets for rental properties.
  • If approved, the tenant has to pay Pet Administrative Fees every month to Revolution Rental Management.
  • Revolution Rental Management takes these fees and uses them to cover our costs of administering the program and getting repairs done on your property if an approved pet causes damage. So if a pet in your property causes damage to the carpet and $1,500 of carpet needs replaced, we just get that done at no cost to you!
  • This guarantee covers up to $3,000 in damage.
  • The program does not cover unapproved pets that the tenant concealed from us. However, we will try to recover the pet admin fees that the tenant was required to pay, and if recovered, we would be able to cover the damage then.