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Owner FAQ

What is the Owner Benefit Package?

While many property management companies offer residents a Resident Benefits Package, Revolution is one of the few companies to also offer an Owner Benefits Package to our clients. By default, every property that Revolution manages is automatically enrolled in the Owner Benefits Package at a cost of $36/mo per property.

For those who are enrolled, here are the fantastic benefits included:

  • Two (2) months of rent protection to cover you in the event that the resident has to be evicted or skips out on their lease

  • The option to receive a full year's rent income up front rather than receiving your rent income monthly (a small commission is charged on the lump sum payout)

  • Quarterly property analysis reports showing you the property's value, fair market rent, and other key metrics

  • Real time legislative alerts to let you know of any new or pending legislation at the federal or state level that impacts landlord/tenant law

  • Pest control service for mice and rats

  • Discounted commission to sell your property; instead of our standard 6%, you would only pay 5%; for the average sale price, this is a savings of $3,000!

Revolution is proud to partner with Steady and PestShare to offer these benefits. Steady is a financial services and insurance provider that partners only with professional property management companies to offer these services, and individual landlords are not able to take part in these benefits without hiring a professional brokerage that has partnered with Steady. PestShare is also a national partner of property managers, offering on-demand pest control solutions.