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Owner FAQ

What Does the Yearly OnSight PROS Inspection Cover?

On a yearly basis, approximately 90 days prior to lease expiration, we have our third-party inspection vendor conduct a very thorough inspection of your property. This company is OnSight PROS, and they are a highly regarded inspection company in the property management industry. Many property managers have stopped conducting their own inspections and outsourced to this company because it provides much greater protection for both the brokerage and the property owner. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Both the property owner and the property manager are considered biased sources of information by many judges and juries. So when a dispute is brought to court by a tenant over a security deposit deduction or damage charge that they incurred, an inspection conducted by the landlord or property manager is regarded as suspicious. This is true even when a photo or video evidence is provided, in some cases. By having a third-party inspection vendor conduct the inspection, the credibility of the inspection is much improved in the eyes of a court.
  • Tenants are much less likely to challenge the findings of a third-party inspector. They understand intuitively that they have a much harder burden of proof in this circumstance.
  • The inspection vendor carries smoke detectors, batteries, HVAC filters, and other supplies in their truck to be able to make sure these items are installed and current at your home during the inspection.

While the vendor does charge a fee of approximately $100 for the inspection, we've found that virtually all owners find it to be well worth the expense, as the level of detail delivered on the report far exceeds anything that we could provide without their expertise, equipment, and inspection software. The average report is about 50 pages long with 100+ photos. To give you an idea of what is included, we've attached this Sample Inspection.

Our standard practice is to conduct this inspection once per year, which most owners find to be sufficient, and it's not so intrusive on the tenants, which makes them more likely to remain happy and willing to renew their lease. However, if you would prefer to conduct this inspection twice per year instead, or just conduct an additional one-time inspection, please contact us to let us know.