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Owner FAQ

I'm a property owner. Do you accept Section 8 tenants?

Revolution Rental Management does not specifically exclude any applications based upon the source of income. However, we will not agree to enter into any separate agreements with housing authorities that modify our standard lease agreements. As a practical matter, housing authorities generally require a separate "Housing Assistance Payments Agreement," and we will not agree to enter into such agreement, as it would modify our standard lease provisions, restrict our ability to adjust the rent based upon normal market factors, and not conform with our standard business practices.

Prior to any section 8 recipient applying to rent one of the properties that we manage, you should check with your housing authority to see if they would require us to enter into such a separate agreement. If so, we are sorry, but we will not be able to accommodate that. We will be more than happy to rent to you, regardless of the source of income, if no such separate agreements will be required, and if you can qualify using our standard selection criteria listed on our web site.