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Owner FAQ

I'm terminating management; when can I or my new broker get the tenant's information?

When management terminates, there needs to be an orderly process for transferring everything to whoever will take over management. Here is how that works.

In most cases, when Revolution's management of a property is terminating, the tenant is also moving out at the same time, so it's a very simple process. However, in some rare cases, management may terminate while a tenant is still in possession of the property. When that happens, it is very important that everything is done in an orderly fashion so that there is no confusion for the resident.

Revolution will continue to manage everything at the property until the actual termination date of management. This means all rent collection, repairs, lease enforcement, lease renewals, etc. will have to take place through Revolution.

For this reason, Revolution does not transfer any tenant contact information until the actual termination date of our management. We do give the tenant advance notice that management will be terminating, and we do let them know about 10 days prior to termination where to send the next month's rent so that it isn't late. But that is the extent of it until management terminates.

While we understand some terminating owners and new brokers want to get information sooner, this is not something that we can do because we want to ensure that the tenant is not contacted by anyone but Revolution during the time that we are still responsible for managing. That creates potential liability concerns, as well as just being confusing for the resident about who to contact at that point.

When management terminates, Revolution will send the tenant's contact information to whoever is taking over management, along with the tenant's ledger, lease, and move-in inspection form (if applicable). Revolution will not transfer tenant applications or other personal data, as this is considered confidential and protected by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We will also not transfer any photos that Revolution has taken aside from move-in inspection photos. Please do not ask for these items.